Saturday, January 31, 2009

Whatever happened to The Darkness?

I was sitting around today having a little blast from the past. I was listening to Permission to Land by The Darkness. Man. That brought me right back to the glory days of the eighth grade. At this point, I asked myself, why did they never make another album? That first one was so cool back in the eighth grade. So I went on wikipedia and did some research. So here's the deal:

- They actually did make another album, One Way Ticket to Hell...and Back in 2005.
- It was total crap and didn't sell well at all.
- Some stuff happened and the bassist left the band, they got a new bassist.
- They decided to make a new album.
- The lead singer got checked into rehab for cocaine.
- He quit the band.
- The new bassist became the new frontman.

In this, I learned several things.
1. The Darkness now sucks because the amazing lead singer is no longer there, so they are no where near the same (the band is now called "Stone Gods")
2. The Darkness was soooooo good in the first place because the amazing lead singer was on coke all the time.

That's all I've got on the subject. Though they are now officially a one-hit-wonder, that one hit is still wonderful.


  1. If you like The Darkness, you should probably check out When Push Comes to Love.

  2. oh for sure. i am a huge supporter of when push comes to love.

  3. Did you hear that they played at Spring Fest '08 in Shorewood? I heard it was awesome! The turnout was huge, so unfournatly I didn't get a hold of a ticket.

  4. one-hit wonder?? almost every song on that album is classic. and by the way i got front row seats to their performance at springfest, it was amazing!

  5. oh. for sure. all those songs are fantastic, but i think that only i believe in a thing called love can qualify as a "hit".